The Amazon Fire HD 8 (5th Generation) is a sleek, black tablet released by Amazon in September 2015. Model Number: SG98EG.

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Why is my Kindle stuck on fire screen?

My Kindle worked fine one day and the next am was stuck on the fire screen. Two days later, my Mom's Kindle did the same thing. Both are charged and no matter how many times I press the power and volume buttons; it always returns to the fire screen.

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Charge your device for at least 30 minutes and try to restart your device again:

  • Press and hold the Power button for 40 seconds.
  • If the device restarts before 40 seconds has passed, release the Power button.
  • If the device doesn’t restart, release the Power button, and then press the Power button again to turn on the device.

If the issue persists, attempt to Factory Reset using the built in device recovery mode:

  • Power device down completely via the Power Button. If the device is unresponsive to the 2-second Power Button press, attempt the 40-second Power Button press, which should cause full shutdown.
  • Make sure your device screen is completely off with no activity.
  • Enter Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Power+Volume Down for 5 seconds.
  • Once in recovery mode, use the volume keys to navigate to "wipe data/factory reset," and the power button to select it.

Please note that a factory reset will remove any content you have downloaded to your tablet.


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I have the same issue have been trying for 3 days now. I have done even a factory reset and no luck


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My tablet is the same have done all the reset, reboot, etc..suggested it will not repair. Stuck on Fire loading screen.



what to do with my kindle oasis frozen at tree screen, not opening home screen


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