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Boot up iPhone without display?

Hey everyone, having some problems with my XS Max and want some second opinions before I do anything drastic :)

My issue is that I broke the display on my iPhone XS Max (a large, deep crack down to the actual screen), and stupidly enough did not have enough backups in place. The phone 'worked' with a black unresponsive screen for a few hours after the accident (you could call it, and I got messages sent to it on my Watch), but after that I can't get any life signs from it. I’ve tried both wired and wireless charging but it’s a brick.

Thing is if I turn it in for repair (it's a company owned phone) they will just replace it since it also has a small crack on the back (due to the policies of the repair shop the company employs), so I'd like to check if I can repair it myself first before doing that, so that I can salvage the data (and potentially save some money for my employer!) I’ve repaired several iPhone screens in the past, but that was some generations ago.

My question: If I open up the phone and disconnect the screen, would the phone still be able to charge and boot up? Basically, I don't want to buy a replacement screen if it turns out I have deeper issues with the phone, as they are so very expensive. I'd like to confirm that the rest of the phone is OK, and thought of doing that by disconnecting the faulty display. I realize I can't actually do anything with the phone without a working display, but I just want to make sure it can boot. What do you think?

If I can indeed get life signs from the phone with display disconnected, then my plan is to buy a replacement screen and fix it myself. If not, I guess it leaves me little choice and I’ll have to consider the data lost for good, and turn the phone in for a replacement device. I really hope I will be able to bring it back to life though.

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If it's not booting with the screen on why would it boot without the screen though??? Its probably best to take it somewhere that has spare parts available to try a working screen for you however I would be careful if its company insurance not sure if they will cover it if someone else takes it apart.

Try the usual buttons to restart it before any of that though it may just have crashed...





The phone will boot and charge without the screen. However, if it is locked with a passcode, you will not be able to access the data from the computer. If you don’t have a passcode and the computer is already “Trusted”, then you would have access to the data.

If the phone doesn’t boot or charge, then you have a logic board issue. If the data is important to you, then a repair shop that does micro-soldering repairs may be able to recover the data for you. You could then either have them replace the screen or turn into into your corporate IT group to have replaced.


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