(15-f039wm) "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed"

I installed Windows 10 on this laptop a few months ago and everything was fine. It came back to me a couple of days ago with a performance issue; the computer was running REALLY slowly. After cleaning out some malware issues and uninstalling some junkware, the computer is running much better but there’s still some oddness happening.

Device Manager showed an issue with the “Intel Trusted Execution Engine” which was fixed by deleting the existing driver and downloading/reinstalling the driver from HP’s web site.

But it’s also showing an odd USB issue. Under “Universal Serial Bus controllers” it lists six items: Generic SuperSpeed USB Hub, Generic USB Hub, Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller 1.0, USB Composite Device, and USB Root Hub are all operating correctly, but there’s also “Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)” that’s got an amber alert sign on it. Device status is giving a code 43 and “A request for the USB device descriptor failed”. If I disable it the computer gives the “USB disconnect” sound, and if I re-enable it I get the “USB connect” sound but the device information never changes.

I have no idea what this device is. Any ideas?

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Try a test windows install on a test hard drive and see if the problem can be replicated.

I use a windows 10 test SSD which i can just plug in externally via a 2.5" drive enclosure so that I avoid needing to install windows on a test drive every time I test a laptop. The software used to make this is Hasleo WintoUSB





Just some ideas:

I’ve used programs like Advanced System Care Free, Ccleaner and the like.

Clean uninstalling and updating drivers some times helps.

It is probably a registry problem so could take ages to find, if ever, while the above can save time.’s Windows Repair can also help. Reflash BIOS?

Generally if the above fails it is hardware but over 35 years or so I’ve rarely had hardware fauilts - well apart from old spinning hard drives.

Let us all know how it goes.


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