The Huawei Honor 7 is an Android phone which was released in July 2015. It features a 5.2-inch display with a ~424 ppi density and a 20MP rear camera.

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LCD replacement for Honor 7x?

Long story short, my Huawei honor 7x fell on the road. The Tempered glass flew off and the lcd screen has cracks.

The touch and the visual display is just fine, only the outer glass seems broken.

Can i get just the outer glass replaced? I do NOT want to disturb existing digitizer/Lcd

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I would imaging you can find the part though Ebay however I feel like trying to separate the existing glass from the digitize is going to be a nightmare. LCDs are really fragile and one wrong poke will cause the whole LCD to break. In my experience, it’s way easier to replace both the glass and LCD as one piece.


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The LCD can be replaced by a technician easily. There is a absolutely no need to buy the whole unit, just because its delicate. Have u tried to replace the lcd screen alone of honor 7x? did u find it hard/


Is it easier to change the display+frame or just the display?


if you get the all-in-one screen/LCD assembly, it's very simple to unscrew the bracket that covers the connector, unscrew the speaker assembly to make room for the cable to pass through as will become obvious, and swap out. BUT it is actually easier to take off the screen portion than it is to open up the phone itself, in which case all it takes to replace the LED is pop up the lock on the small visible connector, and then separate by the adhesive that holds the screen band to the LCD band. I went with the whole assembly route, and then once I realized it wasn't so difficult to swap the screen and LCD separately, i took off the screen and saved for later, tossing my broken LCD. I found a screen/LCD assembly for $22 at SkyStarTrade online (San Fran-based)




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