A stand mixer originally by Ken Wood in Britain, now owned by De'Longhi.

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KMM040 switches off automatically

Hello, my KMM040 Chef was not used for about 5 months and worked fine so far. Today, I switched it on and after 3 seconds, it turns off. Switching it on immediately after is possible, repeating this many times also no problem, but after 3seconds, it switches off again and again. Did anybody have this issue so far? What could be wrong? Electrics? The timer unit? This happens even, when the bowl is completely empty. I´m clueless…tia to all

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Mine has just started doing this too! U stops on its own after a few seconds but will start again and run fine when I push the start button. I also bought it in around 2014 so my 5 year warranty has now expired






I have taken the motor apart and cleaned the commutator with very fine sandpaper. It was sparking a lot on the brushes. After reassambling the machine works fine since a couple of months.

Update (07/02/2020)

There is a very nice youtube video about disambling a Kennwod machine


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Fab thank you! Do you have any photos or videos of the inside so I know exactly where I should be looking? Or even of how to take it all apart




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