The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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replaced missing hard drive, now how to put an OS on?

I purchased a G4 quicksilver from a thrift shop and found it had no hard drive in it

I have installed a second hand known good hard drive that i used "macdrive" on a pc to format into the G4 and powered it up, i get a "boing" and a face on the monitor.

I am unable to figuire out how to open/eject the optical(CD) drive.

Being a PC user and dabler to a small extent I would like to use this machine to learn the apple as i am unfamilier with the way of the mac and its terms

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What type of system installation disks do you have and what colors are they?


Thank you Mayer, i have some "non genuine OS disks" to install, i think they are leopard ?





To open the optical drive, make sure you have a mac usb mouse connected and hold down the top of the mouse when you turn on the machine and hold. After 10-20 seconds the drive should open.

Did you format the drive on a different computer? If so check the RAM of the new computer and make sure it is good.


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Thanks for the tip on opening the optical drive ,

I used "macdrive" on a pc to format the drive that i installed into the G4 ,as of yet it has no opperating system on the G4 HD


Once you get the drive open and put your Mac OS disk in and let it boot from the DVD, (hopefully) tell it to do whatever language and click the arrow or continue. Then the next screen should have a menu at the top. Click on utility and go down to disk utility. If the Hard Drive shows up click on it the the button to the right that says Partition. Change the volume scheme to 1 partition, then go down to options and select Apple Partition Map. Click on OK then Apply. After all that the drive should be ready so quit Drive utility and continue with the system install. You should not install anything greater than 10.4 series unless you are running over 866 MHz.


Thanx Mactech plus,

It has been some time since my last post (long story)

I have now managed to have the optical drive open it self and have attemted to install the OS to no avail (it seems the discs set i have is not a suitable format or some such issue)

My next stage is to get an opperating system to load onto this machine

What level OS is suitable (866 MHz) and where to get it ?

Ta, Mark



Mark -

Leopard's system requirements are 867 MHz or higher. Is your processor 866 or 867? If it won't take Leopard, it could be due to a lack of minimum RAM. It requires 512MB of RAM at minimum.

If that's not the answer, then you'd want to try to get a Tiger installation disc. Personally, that's the direction I'd go. Leopard on that machine may not be the best choice for performance. Granted, you'd be a little more "up to date" but the overall performance of the system would be mediocre at best.

I have one of those guys running Tiger for fun and it's pretty zippy.


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