The MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro is a gaming laptop made by the company MSI in 2017. This page includes repair guides for the GS63VR 7RF-252US-BB7770H16G1T0DX10MH. Model Number: MS-16K2.

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replacing thermal paste and cleaning fans?

I am planning on purchasing this laptop from a friend, and it hasn’t been used heavily although I do want to clean the fans and if necessary replace thermal paste cause idk how long it’s been used for, how many steps would that take compared to most everything else here?

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The fans will be relatively easy because they’re right behind the back panel. As for the heatsink, you will have pull out the motherboard, which can be a little tricky since you might have to pull out other parts, but if you keep good notes, and take pictures, you should have no issues.


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It is doable, but will take about an hour. make sure you have isopropyl alcohol, good thermal paste and lube for the fans. Be very careful with the insane amount of ribbon cables.

May I suggest iFixit tool kit as some of the factory screws are pretty snug and you will need the exact size screw driver not to strip them. I actually had to replace two of the screws because they got stripped. While doing the cleaning I also upgraded to 32GB 3200 RAM. The performance boost is definitely noticeable and the laptop runs about 5-6C cooler.


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