Error 165-2738 blue light fading

Hello, I'm on latest firmware. Everything was fine until I started getting the error code 165-2738 on the gamepad not allowing it to be used. The Console on the other hand works fine.

When I get the error code, I press and maintain the power button on the gamepad for a few seconds until it turns off (sometimes it turns off but the screen seems to be on, just black background) then I press the power button again for it to turn on, then one of the following happens to the gamepad:

1- Turns on and works normally (somtimes sound doesn't work on gampad, and somtimes when I press home and then try to change settings, the gampad user interface become laggy and unresponsive) .

2- Turns on but then same error code appears.

3- It won't turn on and the led light (next to power button) becomes blue then fades. In this case the only solution I have found is to charge it a bit (the led light change to orange and remains on even if I unplug the charger) then turn it on. And sometimes I have to remove the AC cable from the console for 15 seconds for it to turn on, or even remove the battery. Some other times none of the solutions work.

I am assuming that maybe it's due a mother board issue.

Any help is appreciated I tried looking for the codes on Nintendo website but nothing!! How come they don't have a list of all the error codes hopefully this won't require opening the gamepad or replacing parts.

Thanks in advance

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