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Last cycle doesnt drain and fuse goes off.

Kenmore Elite. Cleaned the bottom drain food chopper. Removed broken plastic milk tag from the sink pipe connecting washer hose. Still the fuse goes off and the last cycle doesnt drain.

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I also changed the fuse.


Hi @ysagri ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Does it do this on all wash cycles and /or options, e.g. heated dry option


Model 665 13793K603 kenmore Elite. Everytime the fuse goes off. I have tried only 3 times. Only one fuse left. I checked hose at the bottom connected to pump and it's all clean.


Sorry forgot to add that I have rerun with only 1 cycle ie normal no other option tried.


Is the blown fuse in your main breaker box? Is the water left clean or dirty?






Hi @ysagri ,

According to the installation guide-p.5(click on installation guide) the dishwasher installation requires 120 deg F hot water to be connected to the dishwasher.

According to the owner manual - p.15 on a Nominal wash cycle it uses 119 deg F water to wash the dishes but it uses 145 deg F water to do the final rinse.

Basically it doesn’t heat the water for the Nominal wash but does heat the water for the final rinse

I would test the heating element (seen as part #1 - click on Heater parts) to make sure that it is OK.

If the heater is faulty (low resistance, short circuit or short circuit to earth) it will draw too much current and the Bi-Metal fuse will blow to protect the dishwasher.

This link may be of some help as it shows how to check the heater, (further down the page it describes how to check as well). The video and explanation is not specific to your particular model, just a general description.


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Thank you for a detailed answer. It read 2 ohms between the ends of heating elements. Moreover the wires are soldered at the end of heating element so I couldn't remove. Can I add a photo here?


Correction, 13.5 ohms. Sorry, my analog meter was not adjusted to zero first time. Now I have measured 13.5 ohms using digital and analog meters. Should I change the heating element?


Hi @ysagri ,

It may be about the correct reading. Don't know your specific one but others are in the region 15-20 Ohms

You could try contacting the supplier in the link and check if they know the correct resistance reading for the heater element.

Here's the info taken from the parts supplier link:

"For questions or assistance, call 888.873.3829

(Se Habla Español)

M-F 6:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. CT

Sat 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. CT

Sun 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. CT"

If you had enough spare fuses you could try running a "Pots and Pans" wash cycle and check if the fuse blows early in the wash cycle as according to the manual this cycle needs 140 deg F water for washing so the heater has to be used to heat the water for the wash and not just for the rinse as in the other cycle.


I checked the circuit board and found some burn mark on the black pad against the jumble of wires. How do I test if circuit board is bad?


Hi @ysagri ,

You would have to check the burn marks and see which components are affected and then see where the components are connected to.

If for example the component is a resistor and you could still make out its' value you could test it with an Ohmmeter (disconnect one leg of the resistor from the board) to see if it was still OK

The circuit board might not be bad. the burn marks may be due to it carrying excessive current because of a fault elsewhere in the dishwasher.

If you can trace from where the "burn" marks are on the board to see if you can find which board connector wires they go to. Then you'll have to find out where those wires go to.

It is easier with a schematic diagram, but these are hard to find online as most often the manufacturer doesn't release them publicly.

Service agents usually have them, but nowadays if the problem is on the board, it is usually replaced and not repaired.

You could try posting images of the board and hopefully if the fault is on the board it may be evident to someone.

Here's how to do this. Adding images to an existing question




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