SAMSUNG C410 laser printer-no warm up

this is a second samsung i bought, after it was scarcely used, both printers wouldn’t initialize properly, big led light bar lighted up. i was on this fix it site under forum thread for this device earlier this year, i found people with this similar issue. one user posted a solution and suggested to change out the pcb board, and pointed out a supplier source. i ordered it in, replaced it. the unit powered, initialized half way and stopped short before finished. it didn’t even try to complete cycle through before, so it is an improvement) due to its not being completely warming up, the computer does not see the printer. i tried all the standard trouble shooting, still not working. i went back to that thread for help on getting the printer fully initialized with the new board i installed, but not a reply or comment. sadly disappointed. wonder if it was a scheme to get us unsuspecting user to purchase a useless piece of crap. maybe i try here and see you all might encounter this issue and hope to salvage the printer and not wasting the additional toner and pcb i installed. tks

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