has no standby by light and wont turn on.

I have a 60" GA6400 LG Samsung TV ... has no standby by light and wont turn on. I tried both the 10sec and 30 sec tech and still nothing! I was watching TV one day during a storm, and all of a sudden the TV turned off and never turned back on. I've opened up the back and see nothing that looks blown. Help please!

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@bennierod2015 your model is a LG 60GA6400? Have you taking pictures of the boards? If so, post those with your question so we can see what you see. What else have you checked? How did you check?

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I dont know how to do that ... I haven't tried anything else besides the 10 and 30 sec tecq ...


@bennierod2015 it is to difficult to evaluate the boards on a video. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to add images to your question.


Trying to post my photos of my

LG 60" plasma TV PDP60R50000




Hey Benjamin,

First off all a big warning, the orange board might still have harmfull voltages.

if there is no standbylight, it’s 90% chance the powersupply board (orange one) that has some damage due to a powersurge. You need to rule this out first.

You should get it checked out at a repairshop for tv’s or get the board itself replaced. (Beware you need to use the boardnumber on the board in combination with the modelnumber of the tv to get the right part).

Ebay might help you out but if this all sounds new, get it to a repairstore :) they’ll give some warranty on their work too.

Kind regards,

Tom Damman


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