PB will not turn on

Recently the LCD screen on my PB G4 died. I could turn on the computer and I would hear the chime and hear the HD turning over, but the screen was black.

I opened up the computer to see if I could see what the problem was - which I couldn't. After reassembling the whole computer will not turn on at all. There was a slight burnt smell from the bottom of the machine.

Have I completely burnt out my motherboard ? Is there any hope left of reviving this machine ? Should I give up ?

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There's really not much you can do now. Did the burn smell come after you worked on it? How far did you tear it down and just did you do when you opened it. How many screws were left over and did you use any guide while tearing it apart? How important is your data on the hard drive? Do you have another Mac or plan on getting one?


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Get an external SATA hard drive enclosure and put your old drive in it. USB is fine but firewire would be better. Go to applications - utilites - migration assistant and pick "transfer from an external hard drive or other backup. You can move just user data or setting or applications or all of them.

OWC's Newer Technology USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter is another option. You plug in your drive to it, be it SATA or IDE, 5.25 or 3.5, or 2.5 inch drives and attach it via USB. Real inexpensive, but works great.


I managed to take the battery out, airport card, the SDD ram plate, the F1 F2, F10 and F11 keys up, unscrew the keyboard, but the black long phillips screw next to the EMI plate would not un do. Therefore I couldn't get the keyboard lifted up properly. I followed the ifixit guide to check or fix the display cable (as I originally though my screen was black due to a problem with this cable). So I gave up and screwed the computer back together again. No screws left over. I would really like to retrieve the data on my HD.... I have an 2001 generation iBook, but this is only good for checking emails! apart from that I was planning to buy a MacBook Pro asap. (when I have the money!).

Any advice on retrieving the data on my PowerBook HD ?

Thank you.




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