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I got in a PowerMac 8100/80 today with some data the customer needs on it. I thought no problem, I'll just drop in a USB PCI card. Upon opening, it is NuBus. Pulled the hard drive and put in an external SCSI enclosure. Put a SCSI PCI card in to my MDD. The external drive is not seen. Checked my system profiler and see no SCSI driver. Any idea on where to get one that will work with 10.5.8. By the way, the 8100/80 still runs just fine, but does seem a bit slow and needs a battery. Not bad for a machine that's older than Nick!


Seagate ST19171N, 1 5/8", 10 pairs of jumpers, 4 pair block on first four pair, skip one and a jumper, four bare pair, standard SCSI external box with two 50 pin centronics. No terminator block on box. Cable is a 50 pin to 25 centronics. PCI SCSI II Apple brand card

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Please tell us more about your enclosure, controller, cable and drive. If SCSI isn't terminated properly you will get the same results you speak of on a PC.





If the system cannot find the SCSI PCI card, then your problem lies there. I have a SCSI-50 card that was in my MDD when I bought it (It's branded for use on a Mac) and in Leopard system profiler, the card shows up, but there is no driver for it. I'm not sure if SCSI support was dropped in Leopard (Or an older OS) but perhaps using an older version of OS X, or Linux will make the drive show up.


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+ the profiler sees the card, it just sates that there's no driver. I'll see if I have a lower system on one of the other drives and give it a shot.



Just came across this---hope it is of some use.


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