The smaller version of Google Home voice-activated speaker, equipped with Google Assistant. It was announced on October 4, 2017 and released globally on October 19, 2017.

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How to open google home mini power adapter?

I’m aware that I can buy a shorter usb cable and a usb wall plug, but I want to open up the google home mini power adapter and desolder the cable, shorten it to a custom length, and resolder it, and reassemble the adapter. How do I open it without destroying it? Thx.

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Unless you’re experienced in micro-electronics work, I would not recommend this. I’m confident that the manufacturer made the adapter so it could not be disassembled by the consumer, for obvious safety reasons.

A suitable charger and cord can be bought for less than the price of lunch (try Safety first, get a reliable charger and cord to suit your purposes and keep the GHM’s adapter for another use. ;)


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Of course I’m experienced with electronics. I wouldn’t attempt shortening the cable otherwise. I’m not concerned with the electric aspect of shortening the wire. I’m concerned with cosmetically ruining the supplied adapter. Everyone knows they can buy another adapter. I’m not interested in that. If you don’t know the answer as to how to do something, why would you bother commenting? Weird, but I see it all the time on amazon product question section. Someone asks a simple answer and people actually take the time to comment that (a) they don’t know the answer or (b) they make some other irrelevant comment that has nothing to do with what the queationer needs.



Instead of opening the wall wart, why don't you just cut the USB cord in half and then buy replacement ends off of someplace like eBay or Amazon? Then you'll have two chords one with a wall wart and then the other one that you can take in your car with you in plug into a USB port in there or just wire it internally getting your need for soldering out of your system, LOL to a 12 volt cigarette lighter charger for automotive and you'll have two hard-wired Chargers.

One to go and one to stay LOL


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