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How can I fix an unresponsive touch screen after water damage?

5 days ago, I dropped my phone in water. The top was briefly submerged before I took it out and dried it with a towel while panicking. The touch screen has been unresponsive ever since, and because my phone is a sealed phone, I cannot remove the back to dry it internally.

I’ve left it in the sun, in silica gel balls and in rice across the 5 days since it broke, and I turned it off after the 2nd day. However, my phone is encrypted and requires my password to turn my phone on. Because my phone is not on, I cannot transfer my photos and files that were on my phone to my laptop.

Is there any way to transfer my files? Can I get my device unlocked/turned on without touching the screen? Can it be fixed without deleting my files?

Please help, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Just to clarify. Your phone got wet, no touch response, and sounds like the charging port is not functioning.

Side Note: Absorbents do NOT help the phone when it’s internally wet. Once water has entered the device, it must be treated/cleaned out because the damage gets worse. This is due to the mineral deposits and liquid interacting with the electrical current from the phone.

If you’re not able to accomplish the cleaning, please seek out assistance from a local repair shop.

You may have a chance to save the device, it needs to be opened up and cleaned out with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Inspecting every connector on the device to clear out all the affected areas.

I recommend you take it to a shop nearby, if they try to revive the phone you may have components that are already compromised, I’m sure they can reconnect the board to spare parts, if available, to help extract your data for a fee.

good luck


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