Features a CD player, receiver with AM/FM tuner, MOSFET amplifier, a detachable face with 14-digit LCD single-line display, and a remote control.

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Why does Bluetooth keep pausing with pandora

Be playing fine then pause

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Pandora and Bluetooth can sometimes be finicky when used together. Pandora updates their service often, and that occasionally wreaks havoc on the Bluetooth connection, especially for car stereos. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Pandora software - check for app updates.
  2. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of OS on the device you’re running Pandora on.
  3. See if there’s a firmware update for your JVC car stereo - there probably isn’t but you can check on JVC’s website.
  4. Use the USB input on your JVC car stereo instead of Bluetooth - the USB connection is likely to be much more stable and trouble-free. Most JVC car stereos will let you keep the Bluetooth connection live for making calls even when you’re using the USB connection for streaming music.


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