A high end, advanced point-and-shoot camera manufactured by Canon.

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Canon PowerShot SX50 HS lens error


for this problem what can i do?

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Does it attempt to open the lens when you switch it on. If it seems to be jamming as it tries then there might be something you can do to clear it.

I don't know the SX50 but I wrote the 2 repair guides on the SX200IS which is likely to be similar. The lens contains 2 motors and several sensors, and a mechanical or electrical problem with any of them will produce a "Lens Error". Follow the disassembly guide Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Motherboard Replacement and take care to re-seat all the connectors. If that doesn't fix it, lens disassembly is probably possible but difficult, and reassembly will need a LOT of patience, but it might reveal the cause of a mechanical jam.


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I have the same problem though with a determined trying a few times it eventually does allow photos. I am about to open it up but wonder if the original software has become corrupt and is it possible to refkash the motherboard?


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Hi I just tried again and it is the fact that it will not come out to starting possition ie the display has no white text options. After this comes up the camera usually can be restarted reliably for a few times until it can’t . I have now used a cloth to add WD40 on the outside of the lens and it comes out and in quieter at least. I had given up on it so it was no loss if it was bricked. It seems to be working again for now.


Any problem can start off intermittent but is likely to get worse. I can't endorse WD40 - it's not a lubricant, and if you were to get it on any of the lens surfaces you'd probably be in trouble. Silicone grease is best for lubricating plastic, but it sounds like your problem is either wear or dirt on some of the sliding surfaces which the WD40 has temporarily eased.




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