The Cuisinart DLC-8F has only two controls, On and Pulse/Off. Also referred to as a Custom 11 or Deluxe 11.

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Motor post cover cracked

Can the motor post cover be replaced?

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So over a year ago and no answer...the motor post cover is what just cracked on mine! What I assume the motor post is is the post that comes up through the processor bowl in the' the post to the motor, sorry not able to post photos. There is a plastic cover that covers that post and it formed to be able to fit the S blade or whatever blade you are using over it...THAT plastic formed cover on the motor post has cracked. Can it be replaced???


On the older quality machines, you cannot repair the post. what I did was to glue the pieces bag together with very specific plastic glue and that has worked for quite a few years.


Thanks for the reply D S. I have it taped at the moment but will look for some plastic glue.






Not quite sure what you are referring to.

Post some close up pictures of what you mean.

Here's how Adding images to an existing question

Are you referring to the stem that holds the blades?

If it is the blade stem then here’s a link to a supplier of the part.

Be aware of the warning given with the part:

“If you are replacing parts for older Cuisinart machines, you may have had discs that each had their own stems.Cuisinart no longer manufactures the discs and stems attached.You must now purchase those two parts separately.“


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