The PSP 3000 was released in the U.S. on the 15th of October 2008.

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Power LED comes on, but turns off after 15 secs.

I have a friend's PSP3001 that will not turn on. The battery is charged, and when I turn it on the power LED turns green for 15 seconds and then turns off. The screen doesn't show any signs of powering up, and I cannot hear any sounds from the speaker or the headphone jack. He swears he wasn't trying to change/update the firmware, just hadn't played it in a while and could not get it to turn back on.

Does this sound like bad connections or is it bricked? I was hoping to have some clues before opening it up.

Thank you in advance.

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It honestly sounds like its bricked. If it is a bad connection, then you should be able to see it when you open it up. Not having sound, video, or even a boot up (assuming its not bricked) suggests a loose ribbon cable or bad fuse. Let us know what you find when you open it up. :)


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I opened it up slowly, checking for any signs of water or debris damage, but it was clean. I checked the connections before I disconnected anything and they were all tight. I metered the fuses that I found and they were good. I am guessing it was bricked. He isn't the type to jailbreak his own things, so I don't know what would have happened, but now he has spare parts for his new PSP; he was able to get the same model.

Thank you for your help.


You can also brick it by interrupting a normal firmware update; i.e. disconnecting power while installing. At least you got something nice out of it.


I have exactly the same problem only difference is that I get the intro sound the screen flashes for 1 second but then shuts off. I have to mention that I cant turn it on by the power button. This is weird I just plug the power in and then quickly unplug it and it turns on which in turn runs off the battery but shuts off after 5-6 seconds. What can I do about it ?

crwdns2893770:0crwdnd2893770:0crwdne2893770:0 may get better answers if you ask your own question. Give as much detail as possible. Right now your question is listed as an answer to a very old question.....use the "ask a question" button below the device picture.




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