How should I reattach these mounting/ground pads?

The USB ground/mounting sheath broke loose tonight when my phone fell off the seat while I was turning and tugged on it. I figured it would be an easy fix, but since this was $250 or so, I wanted to be sure I'd get it right. How does one go about fixing something like this that needs to hold up to abuse? The middle piece was a bit loose also, but I already touched up the soldering on those points. As soon as the solder on the 3 large pins melted, they lifted up on all but one trace connection on just one side of each pin. It still probably functions, but I'm not sure if it would hold up for long. I'm not too worried that it couldn't get enough current, since it is only a 5-10 watt usb port @12 volts, so only 1/3 amp or so would be going to each pin. Should I use a cut off chunk of paperclip and solder it sideways across each pad and also joining the usb pin in the middle? Then maybe finish with hot glue?

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Block Image

Block Image

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The 3 larger pins on the outside are mainly to hold the USB port in place. There’s no electrical signal connection in them, and they just provide a ground shield to the outer USB port. As long as the 4 smaller pins are making good connection with the circuit board then you should be fine for power and signal. Just solder the 3 larger pins in place to keep the USB port tight and stable. If the USB port is loose due to loose connections on those 3 larger pins, then the port could wiggle the smaller pins loose and break a signal connection. If necessary, gently bend the larger outer pins to help hold the USB port in place without it moving around. Be careful to not have solder spread across different connection or you could short something out. And you can use a small dab of glue on the front side of the board (where the USB port is, not where the solder connections are) to help keep the USB port in place.


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To add to the answer, if soldering the USB mount lugs doesn't seem too strong, after ensuring that the pins connections are OK use a neutral cure silicone sealant to hold the port in place. Just make sure that the sealant has fully cured before using the port.




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