ASUS X550LB-DS71 Laptop with a 15.6" Display, an Intel Core i7 4500U Processor, and 8 GB RAM-750 GB HDD

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CPU cooler not working/detecting?

My laptop's CPU is overheating and throttling with the slightest load, firefox or even chrome with a couple of tabs opened, utilization is as shown in the picture.

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I disassembled the laptop, cleaned out the fan properly, tested thermals again, with the same load, temps lowered about a 5 to 6 degrees on average, but the pc is still running ridiculously hot.

My question is this, is there some software to control my fan speeds or do i need to replace the fan ? (mind you that through aida64 and speedfan I did not get any info regarding the fan's RPM)

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The heat sink may be liquid filled and may have leaked. Look at step #8 of this guide at the crimped end of the heat sink. Look for an oily type of residue on the logic board where the liquid may have dropped. If you see it, replace the heat sink and thermal paste.

ASUS X550LB-DS71 Motherboard Replacement


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