Just won't boot up if it sits overnight

I have a weird issue....

My 11" 2 GHz i7 8GB 256 GB SSD (the best 11" air you could buy in 2012 I think)

Block Image

Just won't boot up if it sits overnight UNLESS I do an SMC reset and then it'll boot right up off and on all day.

When I wakeup rinse and repeat. It did have a trackpad issue so I replaced that and ordered a new battery but mine still holds a great charge (3-4 hrs) but thought it might be the cause of this SMC needed to be reset all the time. The Battery appears to be fine, 189 cycles and charges to 100% and lasts several hours but they can still be flaky even if reporting good....so not sure.

What do you pros think? Bad battery or SMC chip on logic board bad? I hate to have to replace it because its such a little powerhouse but I don't know if it would be worth replacing the logic board or not. If I could get one for 250-300 I think I'd go for it or if I could get the SMC chip replaced on the board for a fair labor charge I'd probably do that but not sure how to tell what it is.

Chip, battery, or logic board...any ideas?

Block Image

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Lets get an idea on how your battery looks. Download this great app: CoconutBattery and take a screenshot of the main window so we can see how it looks. Post it here for us to see as well Adding images to an existing question


Will do thank you Dan +1

Looks like the battery is fine thus far so just trying to figue out what it may be and if it's worth fixing/replacing or just using until she dies one day lol. Thank you for an informative and helpful answer and suggestion of coconut battery unlike Kyle's "just get a new one" reply which doesn't help a thing nor is informative whatsoever and if I could dismiss his answer and block him I would for being so useless. So again, Thank YOU. I'm curious to see what else you think...Thanks :-)


The Kyle entry was a spammer (joker). The real IFIXIT Kyle Wiens {@kyle } would not have made that statement! I personally know Kyle he 'is' the IFIXIT mission of repair and thoughtful reuse and if all else fails, smart recycling.


Can you do one more screen capture this time with the MagSafe plugged in.