A general-purpose audio device that transmits low audio frequencies to your ears.

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HDC4 dual 1ohm voice coil 2000 rms 6000 max

I have HDC4 18" Sound qube which is 2000 watts rms and 6000 watts max I have it Hooked up to a 6000 watt sound stream ... I bought them both brand new about a week ago after I hook them up everything was fine for about four days and now every time I turn my CD player up past 14 my sub shuts off but my amp stays on ... so I was just wondering why does this happen my sub is wired to Half ohm and my amp is 1 ohm stable

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The amplifier might not like the subwoofer’s 1/2-ohm load. The amp can do okay at lower volumes, but when you turn it up the subwoofer is too low an impedance for the amp to handle and it goes into protection mode. Check to see if the amp is going into protection mode - it should have an indicator light somewhere to tell you. Even without a protection light, the amp might be shutting down it’s output because the impedance is too low. You can switch from parallel to series wiring on your sub’s voice coils. That will bring the load up to 2 ohms which might work better for your amplifier. Keep in mind that amplifiers capable of running sustained 1/2-ohm loads at high volume are pretty rare (and expensive). Your amp is probably going to be a lot happier (and more stable) with a 2-ohm load or higher.


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