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Battery and charging port

Hey I want to ask if it’s possible to replace battery and charging port on iPod Touch 5g

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I am not familiar with the specifics of this device but this is what I can say.

Batteries tend to be stand alone, and not integrated into a circuit board. So it is likely that the battery is only soldered onto the board or connected to it with wires. So it should be pretty easy to disconnect the battery. I am not sure, however, what size battery it may have, what voltage, amp-hours, and without that information (which you could get by opening up the device, seeing if the battery has any lables or markings, or testing the voltage with a multimeter, you may even be able to google for this information) it may be difficult to order a new replacement battery.

If you want to replace the charging port, there are two things to consider.

Do you want to change out the physical port that you plug into, or do you mean you want to swap out the charging circuit?

If you want to change or fix the way the phone charges, that would require you to mess with the charging circuit. Doing that is fairly challenging because you have to know how to find it, how it operates (usualy a few safety checking features such as turning off the phone at a voltage level and constant current sources) and with phones you are dealing with the smallest of components, which you will need a hot air soldering station to be able to swap out parts, this makes it very impractical for most users. this doesn't include the process of actually find parts to replace these with.

If you want to swap out the port, this still has some of the same challanges as the two previous cases. To save room on the circuit board, the component is probably a surface mount type as well, and the pins may not be exposed, requiring you to use a hot air soldering station rather than a cheaper hand held soldering iron. I am not sure what port it uses, micro usb, usb c, or something proprietary (specially made for the company and it's devices) like Apple's thunderport, but either way you are going to have to find a part to replace it as well. USB is easiest because you can order it online, if it is something proprietary you may not find it online and need to salvage parts from a broken device.


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Thanks for your reply so I can replace the battery and I was meaning that I want to replace the charging port because when I connect the charger it’s loose and in order to charge my device I have to push the charger onto the device but thank you for your reply again you help me a lot :)




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