Main power switch burning out repeatedly

Just had to replace the 4th main switch on my S-24

( 2004 model Rancilio S24 Espresso machine)

switches arc internally and fail every ~6 mos

keeps overheating and melting switch, internal contacts scorched and arcing

even with new switch

Replaced terminal block and spade contacts after it melted the switch terminal block

(a standard part available only by the thousand, apparently)

Any one have any tips on explaining this ?

is it putting too many amps thru switch?

(replaced with OEM 's)

Needing a capacitor or relay?

machine otherwise working fine.

No discussions online (well, one without answer on an Epoca)

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I have this same problem. Was told by Rancilio that it was likely incoming power quality. Likely too low voltage or amperage to unit. Suggested testing power at source and possibly providing dedicated circuit.