Alcatel Onetouch Go Play is a rugged, low-cost smartphone released in 2015 with complete water and dust resistance.

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My phone is not receiving messages.

Not rallowing me to eceiving messages. I can send messages but can receive any.

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I cant text or call my boyfriends phone he has a alcatel raven we got it from walmart family mobile.. I have a lg lotus 3 bought that at walmart family mobile as well what can possibly be happening please dont say he blocked my number because im not blocked ive checked.




This troubleshooting article is for the OneTouch Retro (on Sprint), but the troubleshooting steps may well be the same:

1. Make sure airplane is off.

2. Update the PRL.

3. Perform a soft reset.

There are a couple of other steps listed if none of these do the trick.

Good luck!


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My raven wouldn't receive calls from one contact and I made sure he wasn't blocked several times under his contact profile. Turned out on the contacts main screen (without a contact selected) in the options menu it lists anyone blocked from your phone and the block has to removed there not under the contacts profile. You have to be blocked for your situation to


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Select your Contacts from your home screen.

In Contacts, tap the three dots in the upper right to access your menu.

In menu, tap “BLOCK CONTACT”.

This will bring up a screen with all your blocked contacts.

You will see the number that can't text or call you as being blocked. Simply select that number to unblock them; the screen is very simple to use.

Exit Contacts.

It took me weeks to find this simple silicon, because I never blocked the number I was having trouble .


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