Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Fails to Power On

-edited to add pictures-

My macbook air fell off the roof of my car. It was in a soft case and suffered some minor denting around the power connector.

Block Image

Block Image

At that point it would still power on, but only with a cord connected, not on battery alone, and would not charge the battery. It also performed all tasks incredibly slowly. I managed to transfer everything I needed onto an external drive and left it as is. It's been a few years and I thought I'd look into fixing it if possible.

Currently does not power on. There's no green light on the power cable, no beeps or noise. I've disconnected and reconnected the i/o board, fan, logic board, battery, ssd, and airport/bluetooth.

I'm leaning towards replacing the i/o board as it seems to be the cheapest part to replace. But I'm curious if anyone has any tips or suggestions for ruling things out before I do. I don't have a multimeter handy but I could probably get my hands on one if some has a suggestion for something to check that requires one.

Here are a couple pictures of some spots I'm concerned about.

Block Image

The first is on the SSD and don't think it would prevent the power issue, but I imagine storage problems could slow things down.

Block Image

The second is just a section of the i/o board that for whatever reason stands out to me as very ugly/messy compared to the rest of both other boards. Not sure if this might be an indicator of some damage, or nothing.

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Could you include pictures of damage?




Hi Mike,

This troubleshooting wiki might provide some guidance on how to go about finding the problem. It's the only one I could find for MacBook Airs, linked from the A1237 and A1304 models, but the causes, effects, and and repairs just might hold true. If nothing else, it's a place to start.

This story deals with a different issue, but it might give you some inspiration-power to get through the troubleshooting and repair process! :)


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