Problem replacing digitizer in a screen replacement

I am replacing the screen and bezil of a Lenovo 700-14isk and the digitizer has 2 ribbon cables that are running into it from the screen. The ribbon cables are anchored into the digitizer with a very hard white glue of some kind. Does anyone have any suggestions on removing the glue/ the ribbon cables? If not where can I find a new digitizer? I can't seen to find a new one anywhere. If needed I would be more than happy to send pictures.

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Hi @texastechie

Here is a link to the service manual for a Lenovo Yoga 700 -141SK.

Scroll to p.44 to see the procedure for removing the LCD screen.

On p.65 there is the part number (5D10H35588) for the LCD screen/ digitizer. Unfortunately the LCD screen and digitizer come as a complete module. If you search online using just this number (do not add anything else to the search term) you will get suppliers of the part.

Hopefully this is of some help


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