The Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer (64650) released in December, 2011

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this beater thing is beating me! lol Help please!

One of the beaters on my mixer quit working shortly after purchase. I finally went back and just bought another one thinking it was just a fluke. Nope, it too will not hold a beater. One side will but the other just won't hold!!! HELP!!!!' I'm beginning to think it's just the way the thing's made maybe. Anyone else have this problem????


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This video has instructions to install the beaters . Perhaps your not lining things up properly . Hope this helps


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Thank you so much!!! I had seen this video previously and have (believe me) tried every which way to get them to hold , on Both mixers. It's strange that the same thing happened one 2 different mixers. Guess I'll end up just going to another brand. God Bless.


Can you put either beater in, but not both? After you put in the first beater, the second is limited to a quarter turn by the tines of the two beaters. So if it doesn't go in, pull it out, turn it a quarter turn and reinsert. You should then be able to turn the beater until it fits into the internal slot that holds it in.




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