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2 discs inserted in drive

2 discs have been inserted how do ˆget them out

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It will likely be necessary to remove the topcase from the computer using the iFixit guide, and temporarily remove the drive from the computer. With the drive removed, you will have a much better view of the opening to the drive, and using a pair of tweezers you should be able to clamp onto one disc at a time and pull them out. It's possible the drive is still working, so I would put it back in place and test it without screwing the computer back together (in case you have to replace the drive).


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More of a comment then an answer, but are you sure you have 2 discs in the drive? It is almost physically impossible to shove 2 discs into one of these optical drives! the thickness of the drive, and the internal mechanics of the drive allow the thickness on one disc, it will not accept another one.

if you did manage to hammer a second disc into a drive, you will most likely need to replace the drive because you have completely destroyed it in the process.


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