Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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Car install HDMI to RCA

I already have done the DC power conversion I had this hooked up to a pioneer reciver via HDMI. I recently upgraded to an Alpine wireless carplay unit that only has RCA video in

What would be the best way to handle this in a car? It seems like all the powers converses are powers via a micro USB port... that wouldn’t work for tapping I. To a cars power.

1) does the micro USB port on the back of the Apple TV output power? Could I use that to power the converter?

2) Are Any on the non-powered hdmi converters known to work with Apple TV

I mostly just use this to airplay video to my car... with wireless carplay, and wireless charging... it will be a great way to play video without cables.

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I think this item would work to power the converter that you recommend.

Unless anyone has any better solutions.





You'll need to use a power inverter like this one to power the unit:

And as for a HDMI to RCA converter:

It does require USB power, which the Apple TV cannot provide. However, the power inverter does have USB outputs which you can use.

Hope this helps!


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That seems like overkill. Why would I want to convert it to A/C power and then back to DC. I can just get a car cigarette lighter usb charger witch will do the same thing... I will probably just do that, and then get a cigarette socket to jade behind my dash.

I wonder if you are misting this because you think I need to power my Apple TV

I actually took my Apple TV apart, removed the A/C power supply and replaced it with an adjustable dc power regulator to drop the 12v to the required voltage for the ATV.

I was just hoping the ATV outputs Power from the USB port, or that there was a non powered solution


I thought you wanted to power your apple TV too. Otherwise, yes, a USB cigarette plug is all you need. But any HDMI to RCA adapter requires power for the internal DAC, and these USB adapters are cheap. The Apple TV does not output power from it's USB port, as it is only for service use.




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