27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Worth to fix it

Hi, I have a dilemma...I bought a second hand Apple thunderbolt display 27" for 300 euros. During the past month the each time i switch the display on it usual trip my electricity and for the past 2 weeks i heard a buzzing sound. Today the display does not switch on.

Most probably the issue is with a faulty power supply. I checked that a new power supply cost 120 euros while still not knowing if that is the only faulty part.

My dilemma is if it is worth the fix for 120 euros if not more and now knowing that the display is old 6 years? I found another good branded display for 400 euros.

I am writing to know your opinion and hopefully make a decision myself :)

Thanks btw it is a good useful site :)


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First would you give us the exact model number of your display? It should be on the bottom of your stand.


Model No is A1407

EMC No 2432


I know this isn't useful to your fixing question, but what are you intending to do with the monitor? If you bought this one second hand, what was your reason for doing so? Is the replacement you're eyeing second-hand as well?

400€ is a significant amount, but you can spend less than, depending on what you're going for.


The new monitor will be used as I used the thunderbolt display, for photo editing. I bought it second hand as i could afford 800 euros at that time.

The replacement is a Dell Ultrasharp U2715H.

I still do not know what to do since i will be spending 150 euros for a 6 yr old monitor which cost me 300 euros.


Ok yeah I understand. They're really expensive. You might want to save some more money than that and look on ebay. You can find U25 and U27 models for a decent price.

I never cared much for the Apple displays, but I never needed them to dock a MacBook either. If you ever find a Dell PremierColor at a good price, jump on it. They're phenomenal for your line of work.






That got it:

Apple Thunderbolt Display 27-Inch Specs

Identifiers: Thunderbolt Display - MC914LL/A - A1407

Looks like this is the power supply you need:

Here's a brand new one:


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Buying a new Power supply would cots me approx 150 euros, always that there are no other faulty components. The costs are confirmed then. Now the dilemma if it is worth to fix it or not when comparing how old it is and that it only cost me 300 euros :(


You can pull the power supply and inspect it to see if there are obvious bad capacitors and try replacing them. That's cheap.


Thanks Mayer will consider that too :)



It's an internal power supply, so that makes things a bit risky. If you are able to remove the power supply board and inspect it, look for bulging and/or leaking capacitors. If you find any its probable that replacing them will fix the issue.

whether I'd go that route at this point is a toss-up.

Generally electronics that last for 1 year will last for several, but the failure rate seems, (in my experience) to start trending upwards again at around 10 years.


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