The OptiPlex 755 is an energy-efficient desktop computer designed for businesses. It was released in mid 2007.

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The computer stopped beeping but the fan stopped

My computer was fine when I got it for Christmas and I had to much edits on my videos but when I kept switching the computer off when going to sleep (like unplugging the power), the next day the computer beeped and the monitor, keyboard or mouse didn't turn on. I found a message on the monitor that if I plug in the monitor blue cable to the bottom of the computer, it should work. It did and when I turned on my computer, it stopped working again. I stopped unplugging the computer cable and left it alone and 1 month later, it worked but a couple of days later, it stopped working. I unplugged all the cables, connected to the computer and when I left it for a couple of hours, it worked again. Then the same happened again and I figured out it could be too much storage or maybe I need to take the video card out and put it back in. I did this with my father. When I plugged everything back in, the computer stopped beeping but the fan stopped working and the mouse, keyboard or monitor still didn't turn on.

Update (09/19/2017)

And another reason, when the fan stopped working, the computer stayed on and would never turn off so I unplugged the cable. When I plugged it back in, it turned on but wouldn't go off or beep. When turning my computer off, it takes me 1 second but now it takes me 3 seconds to turn off and it then turns back on itself, not wanting to turn off. It stayed on forever and the monitor, mouse or keyboard still didn't go on.

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If you got this computer last Christmas, then it is still in warranty. You can confirm the warranty on the Dell website and you will find the number to call for tech support on their web page.


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Alex Niculescu, Thanks but I was going by what the questioner said and I did not assume it was in warranty. Bad form to criticize my answer and you do not give one.


Thank you and I will see what I can do!




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