The Kenwood Chef A701A is a stand food mixer released by Kenwood.

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When I insert the wisk or K-part it comes apart after a few seconds

Sorry, my English is not really good.

My Kenwood Chef works and rotates, but when I try to mix butter or dough, it turns itself loose and the middle screw (at the axis) falls in the dough.

It started after kneeding a tough christmascake last year ;-(.

Here is a clip of what happens.

Can anyone give me advice how to repair it?

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Take the central nut off. Try and remove the planet hub by wiggling it with a downwards motion.

Check that the gear (cog) on top of the beater socket is not damaged (sometimes they’re made of plastic and have broken or split). If necessary fit a new gear (available online) and secure with a 5 mm starlock washer/push-on fastener. Whilst its off you could clean off any old dirt/grease using a cloth with some white spirit, and re-lubricate around the teeth on the underside of the gearbox with a smear of grease. Also check that the hole in the middle of the hub is still “D” shaped - these can wear down with age.

Replace the planet hub and refit the nut using a new washer (plastic or fibre) between the planet hub and the nut. An M6 nylon washer should be the right size. Do the nut up with a spanner, but do not overtighten as you don’t want to strip the threads. Note that there may be a small gap between the hub and the nut if the new washer is thicker than the original. This will not affect operation.


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If the "whole in the middle" of the planet hub is no longer "D" shaped, do I need a new planet hub, or is there a fix? Thanks




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