Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Why is sound from internal speakers clear but "staticky"?

I have sound from both speakers. If the volume is low, it is almost as if both speakers work with no sound distortion. However, as I raise the volume, so increases the staticky, fuzzy sound, that is like a blanket has been placed over the sound output. My computer chimes, and makes all alert tones, just not clearly if coming directly from the internal speakers.

On the other hand, I have clear sound with no distortion from my headphone port, and via bluetooth connection.

Here is what I have done:

Several Pram and SMC Resets over time.

I upgraded from Mountain Lion (hungry memory eater), to the more stable El Capitan.

I have a subscription to CrashPlan, a bootable usb stick, and now a recovery partition.

I purchased a new battery.

I have 8 Gbs of Memory, but it is DIMM0 DDR3 1067 MHz (needs upgrade).

Hard Drive passes tests with flying colors but it old nonetheless.

I only use about 45GB of a 500 GB SATA Hard drive, and farm out all the data to 5 USB drives.

When I use my VPN, the computer fans run almost the entire time, despite keeping it on a Rain Design iLap, and turning ANYTHING else off I can. The fans stop when the computer is not on my VPN.

This trouble began (I'm pretty sure, but not 100% sure), when I linked up with JVC Flip2 Speaker. I was not able to get it to connect to bluetooth as I had before, so I also connected the speaker to my computer headphone port with a male to male audio jack cable. About a week or two later, the audio from the internal speakers was too fuzzy to listen to without earbuds. I've been making do this way for over a year, while looking everyplace I could for some sort of answer, other than the Apple Store. I do not know if it is a settings/preferences issue (I have emptied the audio cache a few times), or if the connection then disconnection of the two audio nodes left the internal speaker in its present state.

There is little to nothing out there regarding speakers that still have sound, just bad sound. I have also pulled up the MIDI Utility and tested the speakers on different channels. Both have output regardless of the channel (1 or 2), to which they are connected. I have not been able to find anything like this, and when I do find information that may apply, it is in Developer-Speak, which may as well be in Klingon.

I cannot find what the settings /preferences are supposed to be, and I have gone through every Core Audio-related setting/preference, Googled it, and come up with nothing.

The current output sample rate is 44100. I have never asked a question before for a forum so please forgive me if I left something important out, or said too much.

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I have a similar problem; But the difference is that my speakers only sometimes sound distorted (kind of like blown) and then I plug and unplug headphones they go back to the normal sound. Also, opening and closing the lid makes the speakers go back to sounding normal. I have noticed that this mostly happens when I have my volume on around 75% and more. It's kind of hard to look for a solution on the web, because it's hard to describe.


Thank you Alex and Mariam, for your efforts and taking the time to think about and answer my dilemma. Mariam, your computer sounds as though it behaves similar to mine. Alex, I believe I will look into repairing my MacBook Pro speakers. A good lesson learned about "How I blew out my Computer's speakers" (by connecting them directly to a more powerful external speaker).

I AM eternally grateful.

Warmest Regards,

Leslie L. Gordon


Hi, sorry i answer here im trying to contact. I read about you broken your speaker connector on motherboard following video tutorial. I guess is possible i do same mistake cos after remove cannot put again and dont see how could be posible. I read also that you repair in some way, Can you explain in details please what you make? Regards.






I've had a similar problem a while back with a Dell Latitude D820 laptop. The speakers sounded really bad after connecting a JBL Clip+ speaker with the wire. Every software solution I tried did not help me, so I purchased a new set of internal speakers and reset the BIOS settings by swapping the old coin-cell battery with a new.

Worked fine afterwards until a friend of mine ran it over with his car...


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Thank you very much for your ultimate solution; it has occurred to me. I am still curious as to what is actually going on with the speakers; that is, whether it is a software or hardware failure, why there is sound, but unpleasant sound from the internal speakers, but not from the headphone or bluetooth outlets. I could take it all apart, but I fear that would not help me understand a thing, - but I would be closer to your solution. I must add, however, that I am so sorry your computer died a violent death. That had to be awful. Thank you for taking some of your time to help me move closer to a resolution.


The only explanation I managed to come up with at the time is that the cable plugged in somehow shorted (maybe it had a small electrostatic charge, idk) the audio controller on the board....




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