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Speaker to Head Unit Wiring Conundrum

I have new speakers, 2 woofersand 2 tweeters. These connect to the passive crossover that came with them. The passive crossover input is 2 wires and it says 'Amp' on it. I don't have an amp and I'd like to avoid buying one if possible. I also have two lengths of 2.5m good quality car speaker wire. On my head unit is a left and right RCA output. My idea is to splice an RCA-aux cable with my speaker wire (so cutting the aux off if that would work) and connect the speaker wire to the 'Amp' input on the passive crossover. Please could you tell me first; if this is possible to work and second; the details on how to properly join all the wires i.e. positive and negative as my knowledge of this is very basic. If this won't work then an alternative solution would be brilliant. It's worth noting that the old speaker wire is broken and I've been told I need the passive crossover connected or risk damaging the speakers. I hope that all makes sense and thanks in advance

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Could you please add some pictures?

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You won’t be able to hook everything up they way you’ve described. The RCA outputs of your head unit are too low to power the speakers - they are for connecting to an amplifier only. You will need to connect your speakers to either the speaker-level outputs of your head unit or to a separate amplifier. You can tap into the speaker outputs of your head unit as long as you can find which wires go to which speakers. If necessary, you can trace the wires from the head unit to the speakers to see which wire is what. It’s okay if you can’t tell which is + and - because you can wire them up either way and it should work. If the speaker polarity is reversed the worst that can happen is poor sound quality and then you can reverse the wires to check if it improves.

Since you have the RCA outputs on the head unit, you could easily add an amplifier if you’d like. Basic amps aren’t too expensive and you don’t need anything fancy. They do add a level of complexity to the whole installation so maybe consider professional installation.

You’re right that you need to use the crossovers that came with your speakers and the speakers won’t work properly without them. The “Amp” inputs on the crossovers can either be connected to the speaker outputs of your head unit or to a separate amplifier as described above. It would be a good idea to invest in some new speaker wire since using broken wire is dangerous and can damage your equipment. Any good quality speaker wire will work - it doesn’t have to match the old speaker wire.

Good luck!


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