My printer is printing graphics with a yellow tint, Print is fine.


My HP Printer has just started printing images with a yellow tint. The text is fine, but both a photo and a piece of clipart has this additional yellow tint to it (I have also tried a different image from a different piece of software). It was fine yesterday and has just started now (I need to print some birthday invitations). I have selected the correct card stock and turned printer off and on, but still have the same problem. However, I also can't work out how to print a test page.....well that's not true, if I click on print test page it prints a page of black print with a very tiny windows logo that doesn't prove anything. I can't find how to print a colour test page. I have Googled the problem and on an HP forum it gives instructions of how to do it, but the options suggested are not visible. Argh!!! Help please.

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I found this on the HP support site, You can print a Configuration Report by turning the printer on, hold the Resume button for 3 to 5 seconds. The Configuration report should have color bars of each color as well as the alignment. This page has more information on other problems.


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I know, It is mixed colors in the ink cartridge. To fix, buy or order your new ink cartridges, or if you have some more boxes, place the new cartridges in and the mixed cartridges out. I learned this here today.


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