Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Digitizer not working after LCD replacement

I installed an iPhone 6 Plus LCD today and everything seemed to be functioning normally until I tried to set the phone up. The touch screen didn't work. I tried reconnecting all of the cables multiple times but this didn't yield any results. Could I have done something during the repair or is it a faulty cable?

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Could be a damaged FPC connector for digitizer touch screen cable on logic board or a defective screen usually.

Did the old screen have display and touch screen at least working?

Hopefully it isn't touch ic chip at fault as that requires microsoldering and costs quite a bit to get it replaced.


Like Ben said, i'll note that i opened it up while it was on and unplugged the homebutton back flex, and all of a sudden it started working and i plugged it back in and it stopped working. So i'm doing a restore right now and if that's not it, then its the back flex cable guys!!! another resort than getting the touch ic chip fixed. - LoKi


Ever get it working? Thought I had a faulty display assembly (figured as much cause I found it at a garage sale for free. I ordered a brand new one and to my surprise, still no digitizer :( I inspected the tiny pins on each connector with a magnifying glass carefully and they all look instact and perfect...

First time this has happened out of the 50+ display assembly replacements I've done.


That's touch ic gone bad on your one.





The cables are one of the most sensitive parts of the repair, but in my experience the edges of the LCD (especially the top edge) are very fragile. If you put any pressure whatsoever on them (even while the metal heat shield is on) you can do irreversible damage to the LCD or the digitizer, or both!

So in summary: while the cable might be bad, you could have done something to break the digitizer during the repair.

1. I would try putting the old screen back on to make sure it's not the board.

2. Try the new screen on a different phone (if you can).

If the old screen works, then the new one is broken. If the new screen works on the other phone, your phone is probably broken, especially if the old screen doesn't work on it either, and definitely if the old screen works on the new phone.


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If both screens don't work it probably has touch disease.


Especially if you're seeing gray boxes at the top!




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