Which cable to connect wi-fi card with antenna?

Hi, I've swapped my MacBook Air late 2010 logic board with a mid 2011 one, that fits almost perfectly. The problem is the position of the wi-fi card, that now is too far from the antennas cables, as you can see from this picture:

Block Image

I need two cables just to extend the antenna cables and reach the card, but I don't know which kind of connectors and cables I need (i think it could be something like male to female MHF4, but I'm not sure of the exact dimension of the connectors).

I hope someone can help. Thank you!

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Ok, I found it.

I needed two cables called "MHF4 plug to MHF4 female PCB with 0.81mm cable".

Here they are:

With those cables I was able to extend the antennas, like this

Block Image

and now everything works fine!


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You do not need to do anything extra cables are not short but normal. You can unplug the motherboard and find out where the cable is plugged in and fix it.

You can look at it here


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No, Ahmet Can Demiral, as I wrote in my question, I put a MBA mid 2011 logic board inside a MBA late 2010 . Since the position of the wi-fi card on the two boards is different, as you can see in my picture, the cables now are far from the card.




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