The Apple Watch Series 1 is a revamp of the original Apple Watch, announced September 7, 2016. Most of the parts are the same as the Series 2

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Apple Watch S1 - Force Touch Gasket Replacement & Adhesive

Is the Force Touch Sensor Gasket (38MM Series 1 Apple watch) from iFixit the only adhesive needed to replace the screen?

The original battery expanded to about twice its normal size and the screen and the force touch sensor gasket were pulled from the watch case in the process.

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Does your watch still functions normally even with the force touch sensor being broken?





This gets a bit confusing as Apple calls the Original Apple watch Series 1 as well as the 2nd version of it. We on the other hand call the Original and Series 1 (gen2) & 2 as distinctly different versions.

Also keep in mind you're building a bit of a sandwich here between the case and the display: case - adhesive - touch sensor - adhesive - display The touch sensor has one layer of the adhesive you still need the 2nd

So the original watch uses these:

The Series 1 (gen2) & 2

So depending on what got damaged you may need both.

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Apple Watch (38 mm) Adhesive Strip


crwdns2886500:0Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasketcrwdne2886500:0


Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasket


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Apple Watch (38 mm Series 2 & Series 3 Cellular) Force Touch Sensor Adhesive Gasket


crwdns2886500:0Apple Watch Adhesivecrwdne2886500:0


Apple Watch Adhesive Replacement



1 - 2 hours

crwdns2886500:0Apple Watch Force Touch Sensorcrwdne2886500:0


Apple Watch Force Touch Sensor Replacement



1 - 2 hours


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@danj To be completely clear: If you had to replace the Force Touch Gasket, do you need to put one of the adhesive strips under it? The battery fix kit includes two adhesive strips, but the force touch gasket replacement guide sadly doesn't make *any* reference to them (other than listing two of them as required parts).

Taking your sandwich metaphor (which I appreciate, as it’s how I think of this): if I’m replacing the Force Touch Gasket, do I need to have aluminum case -> adhesive strip -> Force Touch Gasket -> adhesive strip -> screen?

I already did a repair using just the FTG, no strips (since the instructions don’t say where to put either one, or when) but of course the FTG alone isn’t holding the screen. Really don’t want to have to do it three times…

crwdns2886500:0Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Batterycrwdne2886500:0


Apple Watch (38 mm, Original & Series 1) Battery



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It depends on who made the sandwich ;-}

Assuming you are using new parts, then the gasket would already have at least one surface with the needed adhesive. So at that point you only need one adhesive strip.


@danj Thanks for engaging. I'm only drilling down on this because I have already done the repair once and am going to have to do it all over. I think I can do it.. but I want this one to be right.

The iFixit replacement rubber gasket part itself has stickiness on both sides.... just not enough to actually hold the watch closed for more than an hour or so, even after clamping it for 24 hours. It seems to have roughly the same amount of stickiness on both sides (roughly equivalent to a piece of scotch tape).

My concern is I could use an adhesive strip on just the top of the gasket and it could all still pull up from the aluminum. What does your intuition tell you? These seem like the two options:

Aluminum > adhesive strip > gasket > adhesive strip > screen


Aluminum > gasket > adhesive strip > screen

Which would you do?




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