The Moto G is Motorola's economically priced phone. It has all the features one could want in a smart phone, for half the price. Model numbers XT1032, XT1033, and XT1036.

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Is this LCD compatible?

Quick question- is a XT1032/XT1036 LCD compatible with XT1028 phone? They are both moto g 1st gen so I don't think it would be incompatible but just wanted to be sure.

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If you check on ebay most sellers group all three of these screens together so you probably would be safe to say they are

this is just a sample there are others

By the way how did you make out with the iPhone 6s with water damage you bought of ebay . Were you able to resurrect it ?


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Unfortunately we had to send it back because it was not as advertised, the seller sent a destroyed phone and accepted a refund. Also is there any difference between screens on the first gen at all? Is there antenna differences because of cdma and GSM differences?


Right now I am getting 31 phones at once, and they are $321 all together. If fixed, they are worth thousands. The good thing about buying in bulk is if one breaks it's not a big deal, I can just move on to the next one. They are ranging from iPhone to Nokia to LG.


Cant say for sure do you know whether the antenna is in the midframe or is it in the display housing


I think they might be on the logic board; I couldn't find any on the midframe nor the screen.


Not to rain on your parade there but a bulk lot coming from where ? Another fixer or from a company who are retiring old phones. company phones are ok but if your getting them from another geek they may already be mined out as to fixabilalty .





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