Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost

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A1278 2012 - MagSafe Dont Charge


I have a Macbook Pro A1278 2012

No led light at all on the MagSafe. No battery charging. What can I do? I tried a NEW battery and it didn't work and I tried a NEW DC-IN and it didnt work also.


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I personally would try to reset the SMC by pressing on the left side "shift, control,option, then power" if that doesn't work I would also try using the Power on pads on the Logic Board. I am about to leave from internet connection so I cant provide a link to where thats located but I'm sure someone else can. thats where I would start.





You seem to have a lot of different Macs.

First try disconnecting the battery from the logic board. Also the mag-safe.

Press and hold the power on button for 5 seconds. Reconnect and give it a try.

A history of the machine might help. Let us know if your get anything, lights sounds, etc.


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1) Yes I do have an Apple acessories STORE in Brazil. I do receive tons of Apple products to do service, basic ones are good to go. However with WEIRD or LOGIC board problem. I always do come here.

2) I just remove the battery and the magsafe. PRESSED and HOLDED power for 5 seconds. RECONNECTED the battery and tried. and it didn't work.

3) I made a small video just to show what happens.

4) About history, do you have a question in mind?

The Macbook works 100% fine except that it needs a charged battery cause with MAGSAFE cord it doesn't charge.

I tried BRAND NEW BATTERY. I also tried a DIFFERENT working MAGSAFE


There is no "Simple" answer to this question, you will need to do a deep dive into why there is no power, could be SMC, DATA Lines etc, DO yo have a multi meter?


@angelorecaman you might want to expand your profile so we can het to know you better ;-)



Important to know the history of the machine, any drops, spills etc. If you don't know the history you will need a schematic, board view and a multimeter and you will want to start test the power rails to see what is and is not present. Once you have narrowed done what power rail is missing you can then begin to diagnose the issue. I have attached the page you need to get started testing start with PPBUS_G3H

Block Image


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I will buy a multimeter tomorrow. However can you guide me just the basics? Then I will go by myself.

I do have Skype video, WhatsApp Video and any other software that you would rather work with and I guess with a multimeter we will take less than 10 minutes.

Does that work for you?





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