The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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WiFi and Bluetooth failure?

5s: Can Bluetooth/wifi antennas go bad [with no phone damage, abuse or shock]? I have a lot of momentary bluetooth dropouts, not disconnects, when using my jaybird earbuds. Not a diss against iPhones at all, but my Samsung S4 and the same buds never had a problem. This phone was transferred within my family and although several years old, it was taken care of. Most problems seem to occur at Planet Fitness (gym) so it may be interference although again, in the same place with the same earbuds, I never had any issue with my Android. Thoughts?


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Ehhhh...I'm gonna be honest, I don't really get this much. I would think it's a lot more like a water damage problem. Yeah, you may not have spilt a beer on it. But you also more likely got sweat on it. Yeah, I know that sounds ridic, but it definately happens. Also, apparently routers "go bad" that's apparently a thing. So, I would open it up, if you have tools and experience, and check for signs of water damage. Pink/red stickers. Signs that water has washed over something and dried. And replace the antennae. If that doesn't take, it either needs an ultrasonic bath, or board level repair. Here's a guide

Hmm. Looks like I'm gonna need to make a guide...


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Thanks for the prompt feedback iMedic. I opened it recently to replace the lightning port and it was clean with no signs of damage other than some fine dust near the ports. [I also don't keep it on me directly at the gym, but rather carry it in my hand and set it down at each stop, so it hasn't seen very much sweat; definitely some though] I may reopen it back up to see if I somehow failed to reconnect the snap plug from the antenna or if I damaged something. I'll fess up if I find I missed something inside! :-/




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