Did reboot after POST, then rebooted fine.


Yesterday I did unbox my new Lenovo ThinkPad T460s and the first thing that I did was that I booted in to BIOS and enabled Virtualizing and increased video memory to 512MB then I did boot from USB and did a clean install of Windows 10.

When I was in Windows 10 and installed Drivers I needed to reboot as usually.

But sometimes (every secound time) when I did reboot the computer did boot then after POST (after bios) it did reboot and then it booted just fine.

This issue did happen every secound time I did reboot the computer, but then I did update BIOS and also FW for the cipset and then the issue did disappear.

I did run MEMTEST all night and it did not show any errors either did Lenovos built in tests for the motherboard in BIOS.

I think it did disappear because of the BIOS update, but as my computer are so new I'm wondering if I should worry about it?

Should I replace it? I have 14 days remorse period that I can replace it in.

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