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Battery charges from complete drain, but fails to start.

About a month ago my AC Charger had a stuck pin. We were in the middle of a move when the adapter failed entirely, so after the machine whent into safe sleep mode, I left it be for the following month until I got a knock-off magsafe.

The knockoff magsafe didn't quite work as expected. The moment that it was plugged in the green indicator turned on, despite that it wasn't plugged into the computer. After an hour the indicator finally switched to amber and the battery started to charge according to the "christmas lights" charge indicator on the side.

However, the computer never came back to life. I tried resetting SMC and PRAM, but still nothing. I purchased an Apple charger as a last-ditch effort. As expected, the computer still failed to start.

The battery is now completely charged, and has been plugged in for the entire day. I am starting to loose faith that it will start on it's own.

I cannot find any information on this. There are lots of issues dealing with MBP that won't start, or won't take a charge, but nothing about a macbook pro that won't start but does take a charge.

Is there some magic "reset the universe" button somewhere inside? Or am I looking at a motherboard replacement?

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This question has not had an answer in over a year. They have either solved the problem or got rid of the laptop by now.





Unplug the adapter and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Replace the adapter and battery and give it a try. Please let us know of your results or any indication of life.


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mayer please delete your answer here. This is a model that the battery should not be removed. The procedure you are suggesting will not reset the SMC and future viewers of this post will get bad advice. Who ever voted you up does not know this machine and should refrain from voting on things they have no knowledge about. Please don't worry I will find another answer of yours to upvote and keep your reputation where it is.



Before you replace the mobo try just buying another mag safe charge board. Much cheaper alternative and easier to install.


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