3rd Party Nunchuck no longer recognized by Wii?

I bought a third party Wii Nunchuck (I know, big mistake) and it didn't even last for 60 days. I ended up trading it in to Gamestop (if you tell them it is broken, they will still accept it, they just pay a little less) but afterward thought, gee, that was dumb, I should've tried to repair it first - those things are expensive! For others out there experiencing the same problem, does anyone have a repair solution? With my Nunchuck, one day the Wii just stopped recognizing it. I tried resetting the system, the controller, plugging and unplugging numerous times, but no matter what I did the Wii could not see the Nunchuck.

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Assuming you actually mean the Nunchuck and not the Wiimote, it could be as simple as bad wiring. The Nunchuck wires into the Wiimote which communicates with the system so there should be no real problem with Nunchuck communicating with the console except with the remote itself. Are you sure that the Wiimote is not to blame? Again, I can only think of bad wiring or bad plug/port.


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I know for a fact it was not the Wiimote as I plugged it into another Wiimote and it still wouldn't work. Also, the Wiimote it was originally plugged into is still working fine with the Nunchuck I borrowed to replace it.



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