Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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RJ45 not working, some times it connects but no wifi option anymore?

The RJ45 connector seems damaged, can it be repaired as it's no longer working correctly- When it does connect which is never now - it will only stay connected for a small amount of time (the wifi option no longer works either)? :-(

Apple TV Gen 3

Many thanks, J

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It is also an issue with me. I am looking everywhere to find how to solve this. My ethernet port seems to be dirty deep inside and I found no way of cleaning it (on the contacts themselves).

The only solution (for me) is to make sure the rj45 is pushed in fully (a millimetre makes the difference) and then it will work.

Hope this helps for now...

(let me know if you found another solution thank you)


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