This is a touch-screen controller associated with the Wii U video game console. It was released on November 18th, 2012, and available in black or white. Model number: WUP-010(USA)

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Gamepad is completely dead

Hi. My Wii U gamedpad is completely dead. I have tried to take out the battery for a few hours and tried to start it without result. The battery has power when I loaded it on the side and measured the voltage in it. Now I screwed apart the gamepad, but nothing is loose and I can not see that any circuit has burned. Is there a fuse in the gamepad that could have tripped? Where? I suspect otherwise there is a circuit board that has given up but which when the gamepad is completely dead? I do not want to spend money on a new one when I plan to buy nintendo switch later next year. Hope you can help me to solve the problem. Sincerely, Raoul

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Thanks for the reply. My gamepad is completely dead, no lights or any lights. How do you mean wifi / bluetooth? Do you now where i can buy parts? the shipping is so expensive from ebay to Scandinavia. :)




Hi Raoul,

I am in a similar situation with a Gamepad, however in my case is quite different.

I replaced the LCD and touch screen and getting response from the touch screen and sounds.

In my case seems to be video related issues, in your case I recommend you to verify the wifi/bluetooth cards.

If any of those are not properly seated or damaged the remote will not power on.



Good luck and good repair.


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More likely than not you're looking at a bad motherboard. If you press the Home button and the power button at the same time does the blue light turn on and then fade away shortly after?


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