Released November 2011, identification model HP Pavillion dv6-6180us QE023UA#ABA Notebook PC.

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Thermal pads dimensions for gpu and others

Hi. I need dimensions of thermal pads in GPU and others in this notebook

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HI: You are either thinking about taking your computer apart or have a gpu warning about over heating. I have built many computers and prefer using thermal paste. I do not like the pads. So the size of the pad is not necessary , get a small syringe of thermal compound and use a light approach to the compound. You want as much cooler to gpu contact. The compound is to bridge the gaps in the two surfaces not to actually butter the surface but to lightly smear. If you can rub the two surfaces together a bit and see how your smear is doing, wipe off excess, less is better.

Good luck, did not give you a dimension but the reason is I do not like the pads.


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