Released in March 2011, the Fujifilm FinePix XP20 is an easy-to-use, rugged and waterproof, point-and-shoot, 14 MP digital camera. Available in blue, black, green, silver, or orange.

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Why are my pictures not clear?

When I take pictures with my camera my pictures blurry.

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There could be several causes to this problem.

First, you could be trying to take pictures with the AutoFocus (AF!) setting off. This means that you manually have to focus on the image you are trying to capture. By turning on the AutoFocus, your images may be more clear.

Second, you could be trying to take a picture in a dark, or a not well lit area. This will cause your images to appear grainy and out of focus. Try using your flash, or adding light to the image and surrounding space.

Finally, there may be dirt, or worse, a scratch on your lens. If there is dirt, you can use a microfiber cloth, or rubbing alcohol and a cloth to wash off the lens. If there is a scratch you may have to replace the lens completely.

For more information please view our troubleshooting page.


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